Support our Covid-19 response!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our Covid-19 Campaign so far and to pro surfer and legend Matt Bromley for his epic support in launching it! The support that has come in from all around the world has been incredible!

As for everyone, Covid-19 has posed challenges. Apart from our Surfpop program activities coming to a halt, it also ended our main source of income; our affiliated tourism business. We put our thinking hats on and explored ways in which we could continue to support our staff, children and their families, all of whom live in Masiphumelele township and who need us now more than ever. The general living conditions in the townships are extremely difficult as is. With Covid-19, many families have lost their entire income, and a food crisis is on the lure.

We needed to do something! Before lockdown started, we handed out our first parcels of nutritious food, vitamins, soaps and financial aid. Every week local farmers deliver an assortment of vegetables and fruits to us, we pack the parcels and hand them out ourselves. But not before we checked in with our local partners and our families to assess the needs as the situation changes. We are playing with some really cool ideas to make our support even more sustainable. More on that soon! Stay tuned 🙂

You can still support us!

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