30,000 healthy meals during Covid

Thank you for the boundless support during this pandemic! Since March we have provided 1,000 nutritious food parcels, which equals around 30,000 nutritious meals, to families in Masiphumelele township, supporting them during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every week, during the food handout, we also checked in with each family to assess how they were doing.

In addition to our direct food assistance, we coordinated a wider food support response in the township in partnership with The Big Food Drive and launched a Surfpop community vegetable garden. The vegetable garden can provide vegetables for the nutritious food parcels, so we can sustainably continue our support. It can also provide for the daily nutritious meals we give the Surfpop children. The garden has proven to be the perfect teaching ground to show the children how to grow their own vegetables, a skill that they can bring home to their families.

We could have not done this without the support from our local and international friends and surf community.

Thank you!