Listen to and watch these beautiful stories about Surfpop to understand and really feel the impact of what Surfpop does, told by talented videographers and shared on various news channels

Surfpop on CNN!

The Surfpop story, told by our founder Daniel Botha, has been filmed by CNN as part of the African Voices Changemakers program!

Watch video here!

Surfpop on the South African eTV channel

Surfpop Girls was on the South African eTV channel 🙂 eTV News interviewed Surfpop co-director, Céline Hoeks, and Surfpop girl beneficiary, Asenako Mbunjana, about the Surfpop Girls program and how it empowers girls from Masiphumelele township.

Surfpop on the South African News24 channel

The South African News24 channel followed the Surfpop Girl group for two days! They joined the girl surf session in Muizenberg, checked out the girl classroom session in Masiphumelele and joined them while eating their nutritious meal! See how they experienced it 🙂

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Surfpop on Beautiful News

Beautiful News interviewed Daniel Botha, founder of Surfpop, and Céline Hoeks, Surfpop co-director and the driving force behind the Surfpop girls program, about Surfpop and the impact of the program on boys and girls. Thank you #BeautifulNewsSA.

Asenako: surfing makes me feel free!

Asenako joined Surfpop in 2016 as the only girl in the Surfpop program. Surfing has changed her life. With more girls joining from Masiphumelele township in 2020, she is their role model. This short film tells her story.
Film by Michal Rzepecki, Vadim Aynbinder and Nina Zywietz.

The story of our Surfpop Girls

Many girls and women in South Africa, especially from township communities, do not have access to the ocean or to surfing, while the ocean can have powerful healing effects on girls. That is why Surfpop launched its first girl group from Masiphumelele township in February 2020, offering them a safe space and empowering them through surfing, education and nutrition. Cause who says that surfing is just for boys?
Film by Michal Rzepecki, Vadim Aynbinder and Nina Zywietz.

Surfing for a better future!

This short film tells the Surfpop story: how we build a sustainable future for children from Masiphumelele township through a powerful and proven formula of surfing, education and nutrition.
Film by Tao Farren-Hefer.