Stoked, back in the water!

After six months of no surf due to the pandemic, Surfpop is finally back in the water! We are incredibly happy that we have been able to resume our education activities since June to ensure that the children do not fall further behind with their education. But, education classes without surf sessions is not the same, and is not the Surfpop ethos.

The stoke amongst the children and our Surfpop team is incredibly high! Seeing their faces as they saw the ocean again for the first time after six months and seeing them catch their first waves – there are no words to describe these moments.

But, we could not have resumed our surfing activities without the support of volunteers. As our borders are still closed, we needed support from local volunteers. We have been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm from our local community to help Surfpop in the surf and in our classroom!

Do you live in Cape Town or the Cape peninsula and do you have time to volunteer at least two afternoons per month from 3-5pm, give us a shout. We would love to hear from you!