Creating real impact!

We are very proud of the continued positive impact of our growing program this past year, wherein we expanded our program to two additional township communities in Cape Town, growing our program from 34 children from one township to 70 children from three townships! We grew our team and employed two Surfpop graduates, who are true role models for the children.

At Surfpop we are all about continuous improvement. Each year, we carefully measure the outcomes and impact by interviewing the children, their (foster) parents and key social workers and compare their responses with baseline data collected before the children joined the Surfpop program. Analysing school results, gathering data from online programs, and reviewing each conducted activity is key to our holistic approach. This process not only helps us enhance our impact, but it underscores our dedication to achieving long-lasting impact.

In line with previous years, all children (existing and new) improved their mental wellbeing: they are happier, more confident and have a more positive outlook on the future. They also improved their resilience with access to a safe space, caring mentors and new coping skills. More than 70% of the children, who have been in the program for over 2 years, have improved their Maths and English performance, which is in stark contrast to the national trend where the school performance drops each year as children move through the school system in South Africa. All children are also water safe and the majority can catch their own waves. They know how to care for their environment and our grade 10+ children are trained ocean ambassadors.

As you know, Surfpop isn’t just a program; we’re a second family for youth in need of nurturing — guiding them from childhood through adolescence and beyond. Two Surfpop learners are matriculating this year and we are supporting them with college and job applications. One of them has been provisionally accepted to study nursing at CPUT, she will be the first in her family to go to university!