Seeing our impact…!

Ayanda, long time Surfpop beneficiary, joined our team of staff and is currently in training to become one of our qualified surf instructors. This is a big milestone for us and Ayanda, as it is our dream and goal to provide jobs to all Surfpop children who graduate from school, within Surfpop or through our network of friends.

But there is more! Our new monitoring and evaluation data shows that the children are stoked to be surfing, “surfing makes me feel free,” “surfing makes me feel happier and safe,” and “I like surfing, because it helps me to be healthy and strong.” Surfing, combined with highly nutritious meals and nutrition education, has a positive impact on their physical health. A message that our kids proudly bring home too, as their parents say “my child tells me about the healthy food and veggies I must cook at home.” When asked what our children like about Surfpop? “I like Surfpop, because I feel safe in the group and I can share my stories.”

Surfing is fun, but Surfpop makes learning fun too and we are proud to say that 91% of the children enjoy the education classes. “The education classes make me smarter at school.” Surfpop children outperform other school children in South Africa by 9.7% in Maths and 6.5% in English!

Read our full story in our NEW annual report!