Our volunteer program reopens – February 2021

We are super stoked to announce that our volunteer program will open again in February 2021!! 🙂

Our volunteer program provides the helping hands needed to run our program but also contributes to the financial sustainability of Surfpop, therefore absolutely crucial to our success.

This year has been incredibly difficult, presenting new challenges around every corner, but perhaps the most challenging part was running a program with 34 children without our normal flow of international volunteers. We had a small crew of local volunteers helping out who were absolute champions, thank you so much to all of you, we salute you!

Are you keen to volunteer?

Join Surfpop for a salty adventure and unforgettable experience! We offer different surf and yoga camps, each one designed to give you an epic experience. We host you in our beautiful Surfpop house in Muizenberg. In the mornings, we teach you how to ride waves, bring your surfing to the next level and help you find flexibility and inner peace through yoga lessons. We also take you on off the beaten track tours to explore all the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula.

In the afternoons, you share your skills with Surfpop by coaching and mentoring the Surfpop children from townships around Cape Town. As a volunteer you help the Surfpop team with all program activities. As a coach, you assist the children in the ocean by sharing your skills and love for surfing with them. When you are not coaching the children in the water, you help them in the Surfpop classroom. As a mentor, you assist the children with their homework, guide them with their Maths and English courses and help prepare and facilitate life skills and vocational workshops for them. Do you have other unique skills that you would like to share with the children and with Surfpop? We are eager to learn from you!

Please help us spread this message by sharing with your family and friends.