A personal volunteer story

Ebony (22 years) joined Surfpop as a volunteer in February and March this year. We asked her a couple questions about her stay at Surfpop.

How did you find out about Surfpop and what made you decide to join us?

“I found out about Surfpop through an advertisement on instagram. I am currently on a gap year in between my studies and I wanted to travel, while doing something fun and useful. I love surfing and children, so this was the perfect fit for me.”  

How has it been for you to help the Surfpop children from township communities?

“It is so special to work with these children because they are always so happy when they are at Surfpop that you sometimes forget how their life is at home… It is crazy to imagine that their lives are so different from ours. I feel like I taught them a lot, but they taught me even more. The problems that I experience in my life are not even close to anything they are going through, which makes it so special to help them and give them the best time possible while being a volunteer.” 

What was the highlight of your experience with us? 

“That I made a lot of new connections with the volunteers, as well as with the children. I did not expect to have such a good bond with the children in only 6 weeks. I realized even more how much I love it to be in the ocean and improve my surfing.” 

What did you think of your stay in Muizenberg?

“I felt really safe, which is really important for me. Muizenberg is not comparable to any other place I have ever been. The people are really nice and chilled and I love the vibe. It is like a little surf village what makes the experience even more fun.”

What surprised you the most during your stay? 

“I initially booked for four weeks but when I was in my second week I knew I wanted to stay longer, which surprised me because I really thought 4 weeks would be long enough for me. I extended my stay for two more weeks and I am still so glad I made that decision. Those two weeks had a big influence on my bond with the children, they opened up to me a lot more and got to know them better.”

How did you enjoy the tours?

“The tours were so fun. It’s great to get to know the other volunteers and explore Cape Town.” 

Would you recommend Surfpop to others and why?

“Definitely! It was a beautiful experience and it went by so fast, I wasn’t ready to leave but unfortunately I had to. The whole experience has been amazing!”