Surfpop Little Legends Unleashed!

In November, we had a blast at our first Surfpop surf competition, “Little Legends Unleashed”. 46 little legends from Surfpop, 9miles Project and Local Surf Lounge Academy came together for a day that was about more than just riding waves; it was about creating lasting memories and empowering our young, underprivileged surfers with a genuine surf competition experience!

We would like to thank everyone who donated to this special day! Your contributions made it possible to provide tasty lunches from Muiz Kitchen and awesome prizes for our finalists. Also a massive thank you to Reef South Africa for providing all competers with a goodie bag, to Backline Babes for giving all girl surfers a beautiful gift, to our Surfpop organisers Amylee and Baukje, to our Surfpop judges Dan, Babosh and Wade, to photographer Kyle Cabano, to our dedicated Surfpop volunteers, and to everyone who came and cheered the competers on. Thanks to you this event was a truly empowering experience for all Little Legends!



The sun was shining and the beach was buzzing with energy as our Little Legends took on the waves in five divisions and five finals. For many children it was their first surf competition and they were excited, but also a little bit nervous. The competers cheered each other on, while waiting for their own heat to start. And when it was their time to surf, they ran with full confidence into the ocean. The waves threw some challenges our way, but our Little Legends embraced them. The heats were a mix of wipeouts and triumphs, creating an atmosphere of excitement and fun.

It was beautiful to see all children, organisations and local sponsors come together, sharing the stoke and empowering the new generation of surfers. This day will be etched in the memories of our Little Legends, and we are excited to announce our plans to make this an annual event!