Life coaching partners in the spotlight!

We strongly believe in partnering with others to deliver our Friday life coaching activities.  We are proud to highlight two of our partners: Southern Explorer Tours and Sweet Spot!

Southern Explorer Tours

The local tour company Southern Explorer Tours, founded by Khotso Micha, offers multi-day travel packages in South Africa. When we approached Khotso if he would be keen to share his story with the Surfpop high school learners and teach them more about the tourism industry, he immediately said YES!

We kickstarted the workshop series with an interactive session in Muizenberg, where Khotso discussed what it means to be a tour guide and what you need to become a tour guide in South Africa. Some weeks later, he took them on an actual tour to Cape Town, showing them what a day in the life of a tour guide looks like. The children loved it and so did Khotso. This year we are continuing the series by diving into the wider tourism and hospitality industry, including a visit to !Khwa ttu San Nature Reserve, to teach the Surfpop learners about South African cultural history and show them all the different types of jobs in the industry.

Next to the workshops, Khotso is open to be a mentor for Surfpop graduates who are keen to work in the tourism industry. Thank you Khotso!

Sweet Spot Abroad

Sweet Spot Abroad offers unique remote work and development experiences in Cape Town and Barcelona. When Sweet Spot approached us whether the professionals that join their program can contribute to our program, we said YES!

So far, the professionals of Sweet Spot have done several inspirational workshops with the Surfpop high school learners. They shared their professional experiences with them, showed them how to develop and present their own business ideas and strengthened their team-building skills through interactive games. Next week, they will introduce them to more professional games to develop key life skills for the world of work, such as problem-solving, communication and decision-making.

Thank you Sweet Spot 🙂 We are excited for what more we can do together!