Always Stoked: new Surfpop package!

We are launching our two week Surfpop package “Always Stoked”! This new package is designed to fast track your surfing as quickly as possible, while sharing your love for the ocean with the Surfpop children. Always Stoked is ideal for those who want to spend as much time as possible in the ocean. It also gives those with limited time the chance to get the full Surfpop experience, as you can book this package from 2 weeks or any duplicate thereof. As with any package, we recommend a longer stay to get the most out of it!

Each week is centred around the ocean and surfing. You will get three weekly surf lessons in Muizenberg by our experienced surf instructors and once a week we will take you to another surf spot around Cape Town. As Cape Town is located on a peninsula, there are many waves to choose from. While this package is great for intermediate surfers, we also welcome beginner surfers as we have multiple surf instructors at hand on any given day! Just as with the other packages, you will stay at the surf lodge overlooking Muizenberg beach. A vibey place that is all about the surf life, with live music events and many local restaurants and cafes nearby to choose from. As part of this package, we also provide you with healthy breakfasts and dinners, so you can focus fully on enjoying yourself.

In the afternoons between 3.30pm and 5.00pm you volunteer in the surf as assistant surf coach and assist with other beach activities for the Surfpop children! Contrary to our other packages, you will not volunteer during our classroom and life coaching activities. 

To make your South Africa experience complete, you can combine this package with a variety of tours exploring the mountains, beaches and city life of Cape Town. You can prebook them before your arrival or during your stay with us. Each month, we offer four different weekly tours in-house. In addition to that we partner with a local tour company Southern Xplorer Tours, who not only offer awesome tours, but also support the Surfpop program in many different ways (we love them!). They offer adventure-filled tours around Cape Town, the East Coast and the Kruger; think city explorations, beautiful hikes, adventure tours and big five safaris. You can join their tours on the weekends, or before or after your stay with Surfpop.

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