Wenze kakuhle (well done) Babongile!

We would like to introduce you to one of our first Surfpop graduates, who is nowadays a proud member of the Surfpop staff: Babongile!

Babongile joined Surfpop in 2015 as a 12-year old boy from Masiphumelele township. Over the last seven years, he has dedicated himself to Surfpop and never missed a Surfpop day. At Surfpop he focused on his school work and on surfing. He has shown an incredible commitment and he is a true role model for the other children.

With the help of Surfpop, he got a bursary to complete his final years of high school at False Bay College with a specialization in IT, which he finished last year. In January he joined the Surfpop team as a surf coach! He has proven to be a fantastic coach, teaching the children the art of surfing with a lot of passion and enthusiasm and mentoring the children in other aspects of their life too. With his IT knowledge he also gives computer literacy classes to the Surfpop learners.

In Muizenberg, Babongile is a well known local surfer. It is his dream to continue to coach, to compete nationally or internationally, and to study further next year.