Stichting Surfpop


Stichting Surfpop was founded in 2019 as a non-profit organization with PBO (ANBI – RSIN 8600 14 538) status in the Netherlands with the objective to raise funds and recruit volunteers within the European Union for Surfpop Foundation South Africa to realize its mission. In 2023, Stichting Surfpop aims to raise a minimum of €50.000 and recruit 50 volunteers for Surfpop Foundation South Africa.


Meet our team

In compliance with the Dutch law for non-profit organizations, Stichting Surfpop has five directors – Dolf Hoeks, Bruno Mertens, Tessa Klein, Daniel Hendrickx and Daniel Botha – who make sure that the foundation is run in a responsible and sustainable manner in line with its mission statement. They are not remunerated for their roles as directors. Would you like to learn more about Stichting Surfpop and how you can deduct your donation from your tax, reach out to Dolf at

Dolf Hoeks

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Bruno Mertens

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Daniel Botha

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Tessa Klein

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Daniel Hendrickx

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