Testimonial Fanny Livijn – Sweden

Fanny said

Hi, my name is Fanny and I’m from Sweden. Volunteering with Surfpop is an experience that will without any doubt last a lifetime. I had some amazing weeks, full of laughing, seeing the most breathtaking places and learning how to surf with the most funny and charismatic boys. I got up every morning with a smile on my face.

Knowing that I would first have a productive surf lesson with probably Muizenberg’s best surfer and then to seeing the boys, super stoked on surfing, improving on the board. After some fantastic weeks with Surfpop it was quite clear to see where the boys’ joy comes from. Bongi (Daniel), the director of the program, puts his whole soul into this project and the wellbeing of these boys. Im just grateful to have been a little part of it all.